2012 Personal New Year's Not-Resolutions

I'm not a resolution person. The years I make them, I inevitably break them actually, it's pretty well guaranteed I will, just from the sheer pressure I put on myself. I'm more successful when I look at places in my life where I'd like to make incremental changes (not resolutions), and work into them gradually. This article in the Washington Post runs along the same lines. (We could just be talking semantics here, but that's okay I'll live with it.)

Having time off in the last two weeks, taking a social networking break and updating only my personal status on Facebook gave me a much-needed breather. I also refreshed my vision board, which I felt worked very well for me in 2010, and I skipped in 2011 with a not-surprising lackluster personal year. (If you've never heard of a vision board, check it out here.)

So a few things I want to work on in 2012 both personally and professionally:
  • Make dinner more frequently for my kids ahead of time (crock pot meals and casseroles) so that I can work out around dinner time with much less guilt and/or skipping entirely
  • Resume my regular workout schedule that went awry with a running injury last year
  • Take a quick break from my computer daily and walk my dogs around the block
  • Tame my social media-induced ADD and schedule social media scans
  • Blog more frequently with shorter posts
  • Keep a running list of blog posts and tweets and articles I want to look at later instead of leaving 45 tabs open in my browser that inevitably get lost when my browser crashes
  • Apply some cool things I've learned recently about personal branding to my own brand
What about you?  What are you going to change in 2012?