Word Clouds and Sunday Procrastination

I just created a word cloud graphic for the One Brick Silicon Valley Facebook page, a volunteer organization that I'm deeply committed to and involved with, and I was pleased with how it turned out. Still feeling semi-creative and heavily into procrastinating about all the things I should be doing instead; I decided to create a word cloud for my blog too. A moment to step back and take a look as 2012 is racing to its conclusion and take a semi-analytical look at my blog post themes.

Surprisingly, there were no surprises in the form of subconscious ideas sneaking into my writing.

Social analytics are becoming more sophisticated every day. It's going to be interesting to see where they are in five years, and what your digital footprint will look like then, don't you think?

The word cloud shows words in different size fonts -- the larger the word, the more times it appeared in my blog. The top words in order of size are: social, video, ibm, blog, neworking, media, business, search, captioning, insights and engine.
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