When Blogger's Block Strikes....

.... what do you do? Writer's block has been around as long as there have been writers, and bloggers are certainly not immune to this common affliction. I was heads down with the learning curve of a new position during the second half of 2013 without enough time or energy to write for myself, and now that I've found my stride and am ready to start blogging again....... nothing. No inspiration, no ideas, not even a clue.

Image courtesy of Rawich / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So like any 21st century netizen, I took to Google to see what advice was out there. Two of my favorites:

ProBlogger has a wonderful article on the topic, Battling Blogger's Block, with ten useful tips — definitely worth bookmarking for an uninspired writing day. They include:
  1. Change Your Blogging Environment
  2. Keep an Idea Journal <my favorite>
  3. Free Writing -- Just Write
  4. Read What Other Bloggers are Saying
  5. Combine Two Disconnected Ideas
  6. Start with a Need
  7. Take Questions
  8. Flip an Idea
  9. Collaborate with Other Bloggers
  10. Set a Deadline
HubSpot has a fun Blog Topic Generator, where you plug in three nouns that you'd like to blog about, and they'll "come up with a week's worth of relevant blog post titles in a matter of seconds."

When I entered social media, volunteering and SEO, the generator returned:

So inquiring minds really do want to know: What tips have you used to break through the dreaded blogger's block? Or are there some articles that you've bookmarked in anticipation of that inevitable day?